On Friday, Police announced the arrest of Cesar Sayoc for the mail pipe bomb plot.
Another bomb has exploded in Texas, this time at a FedEx facility close to San Antonio. The FBI says it could be linked to the recent spree of bombings in Austin.
PNNL research scientist Robert Ewing presenting a trace vapor sample to the detector. PNNL, CC BY Inspired by the tremendous
As a former wanna-be Jihad fighter who aimed to take up arms to save Afghanistan from the Soviets, I know what this disease
Belgian authorities found a highly volatile explosive, nicknamed "Mother of Satan," at an apartment used by the attackers.
Unlike some cultural aspects that are relative, violations of innocent people's physical integrity - such as dropping bombs on them - is universally deviant.
Fourth, show a little gratitude for what you have. The very fact that you are reading this on a computer, tablet or phone
For better or worse kids overhear what we say. They register our tones of voice, our gestures, our facial expressions, and our feelings. They may never let us know as the kids above did.
The call by South Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyễn Khánh on July 19, 1964 to expand the Vietnam conflict led to an operation of gradual and sustained U.S. aerial bombardment of North Vietnam known as Operation Rolling Thunder.
For Quebec, the month of October 1970 was its darkest hour, as the Front de Liberation du Québec (FLQ), a separatist paramilitary group formed in 1963 advocating the creation of an independent Marxist state of Quebec, targeted the government, English speakers and business, and the Catholic Church, which were viewed to be suppressing French-Canadian interests.
The divers face dark, difficult conditions and the hazards that come with handling unexploded ordnance. "If that UXO goes
Farouq Al Habib was a leader of the peaceful protests in Syria in 2011. He describes his experiences being tortured by the Syrian government and questions the inaction of the international community.
The White Helmets, or Syrian Civil Defense are a group of Syrian civilians who save people after the bombs hit. In this video Raed Saleh describes his experiences as the head of the White Helmets in Idlib
Author at ISAW with a few of these papers (source: Ricardo Andres) Here are the first five. Stay tuned for Part II of this
A North Carolina man was ordered held on $1.5 million bond Thursday after authorities discovered 24 bombs at his barricaded, security-camera-guarded home.
This photo was taken in Lebanon, but such cruelty can be found almost everywhere and on a daily -- if not hourly -- basis
This new novel by Siegel is action packed from beginning to end. A "terrorist" is striking fear in the heart of Chicago by placing bombs in cars and then detonating them with cell phones.