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Here's to saving the Caribbean's crown jewel.
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Bonaire is a tiny 112 square mile island in the Leeward Antilles of the central Caribbean. It lies about 60 miles off the coast of Venezuela.
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One of Bonaire's most significant rules is that grazing fish, like parrotfish, which help keep the reef healthy and clean for corals, and other kinds of ocean life, are universally protected.
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Turquoise blue water, picture perfect sunsets, Dutch Caribbean architecture, landscapes that vary from lush green hills to barren desserts, and not to forget some of the best dive sites in the world - Bonaire is a dream destination for nature lovers.
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If anything, Bonaire's interior is more arid than Curaçao's, though there's still plenty of low dry green trees and bushes
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For most visitors, a trip to the Caribbean island of Bonaire is all about the diving, but the culture Bonaire is building - both in and out of the water - deserves some attention, too.
Calm, peaceful, laid-back. In the movie "Being There," Chance, the lead character, embodies all of these traits. There, in Bonaire, a sense of calm, peace and easy-living exists, as well.
A British pilot who apparently drowned after his plane crashed into the Caribbean Sea is being hailed a hero for saving the