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In the next James Bond movie, Bond will be played by Daniel Craig, 46. The Bond Girl? She will be Monica Bellucci, 50. It goes without saying that Bellucci is drop-dead gorgeous and sexy. But she doesn't look 20 or 30 or even 40. She simply looks like a gorgeous older woman.
We admit that Pussy was our favorite Bond Girl, probably because of this iconic scene which lives on in the memories of every
Bond Girls aren't known for being the most empowered female characters, but what's it really like to play one? Bosman also
Britt Ekland now: Attaining Bond girl status pretty much guarantees you'll be a lifelong head-turner. Want proof? Take a
Do you agree? Who's missing from this list? Chime in below in the comments section. As Hollywood works to solidify the 24th
The "Today" crew all agreed that Cruz was, in fact, not too old to romance the 45-year-old Daniel Craig (and when's the last
Said an unnamed source to Yahoo UK about the decision to hire Cruz: "The producers have tried to get Penelope before, but
Check out the slideshow below for a few of pics of Parks as a Bond Girl and beyond. FAST FORWARD: Parks starred in a few
It would be a shame if part of "restoring the Bond template," as Skyfall so clearly wants to do, means undoing much of the franchise's successes in terms of its often progressive female leads.
If Daniel Craig is hosting "SNL," it seemed like a sure bet that there'd be a James Bond spoof. And spoof the franchise they