Police are still trying to smoke out the three would-be robbers.
Video shows how to be the Martha Stewart of Mary Jane.
In other tales of men loving their bongs a tad too much, a Nebraska man was arrested for smoking marijuana out of a bong
A few minutes later, an officer spotted a vehicle at a gas station that matched the one described by the witness. Winters
I was so busy getting treated like a horny Jesus that I forgot that there could possibly be a Judas in the room.
This firing is political. Kellogg is choosing sides with the minority of the country that cares about so-called moral improprieties like this. As a business, is that the side it wants to be on?
Imagine how the economy would grind to (even more of!) a halt if we tried to arrest and incarcerate all of the people who had ever smoked pot.
"We should really be congratulating the bong. I really hit that thing hard, and it responded," Mr. Phelps said in subsequent statements.
'...(When) Grecian temples were new, hemp was already old in the service of mankind. For thousands of years, even then, this
2009-02-03-phelps_bong.jpgIt seems the American public now largely takes in stride the knowledge of someone having smoked marijuana, but there is a completely different threshold for the image of it.