The Irish lead singer of U2 was invited to attend the speech because of his advocacy and philanthropic support for global health and AIDS relief initiatives.
The U2 frontman blamed an allergy but said former President Barack Obama didn't buy that explanation.
Bono hit New York City this week for the Clinton Global Initiative, adding more to the conversation than just his input and wisdom. The U2 singer revealed that he can do a shockingly good impression of Former President Bill Clinton, impersonating Clinton speaking about meeting Bono and berating him for his casual dress. The politician took the gag in stride, noting that he is very easy to make fun of.
There once was a man named Bono / Whose poem made Twitter go “Oh, no ...”
Bono and The Edge revised the final verse to "Sunday Bloody Sunday" on the 50th anniversary of the massacre.
The "Borat" star revealed the inadvertent role that late night host Jimmy Kimmel played in resurrecting the character.
“You can see the pain in his face, and I felt he was sincere,” Bono said of the pope during a meeting at the Vatican.
The rock star described the leader of the Catholic Church as "an extraordinary man for extraordinary times.”
"I'm sure this is not a big, big problem," Bono said, "but I'm gonna have to do something."
What’s more exciting than a pregnant celebrity? The name they give that newborn ray of sunshine