War-Shunning, Love-Making Bobobos Can you see me on the branch in the middle? My encounter with them occurs in Kibale National
Complex bonobo communication is similar to that of human infants, scientists say.
"Whatever it takes to save the bonobos from extinction, they are worth it," says Block. "After all, they will reciprocate
How many walk down the aisle with doubt and dread that this isn't the right person, right time, or the right reason to get married? It isn't a black or white decision as Justice Kennedy makes it out to be, that marrieds are good and singles are bad.
Sellers of men's and women's pants are waiting to see how big the phone manufacturers will go. Then, they'll adjust pocket
All photographs (c) Marian Brickner and used with her permission. When Primatologist/Author Frans de Waal (65) and his publisher
Scientists suspect that the musical and rhythmic abilities of humans evolved to strengthen social bonds, "so, one might think
In humans, T3 levels typically decline after puberty. For chimpanzees, this drop comes when the animals are around 10 years
"By measuring the expression of distress and arousal in great apes, and how they cope, we were able to confirm that efficient
I never intended to be a myth-buster, but I'm not disappointed, however sorry Fox is. The trip is too interesting for that, the landscape, yes, too otherwordly, far too awesome in the word's original sense before its current one-stop usage.