“Vote him out!” Mourners booed President Donald Trump when he went to pay his respects to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
“No, no, I know Yankee fans. They boo you when they love you."
Yankees fans booed former mayor Rudy Giuliani, right on the heels of admitting in an interview the White House is intentionally trying to discredit the Russia investigation.
While the booing incident at Mandela's memorial service was not exactly a turning point for South Africa -- almost no one expects the ANC to lose in the upcoming elections -- it did expose the rest of the world to the souring state of South African politics in the most unflattering manner possible.
I am a fan of the Halloween kind of boo -- and the candy that goes along with it. But I'd like to banish the boo that happens during the other 51 weeks out of the year. So, if you are not a fan of booing, what do you do when faced with the boo?
The town board voted, 4-1, Tuesday to adopt a code of public behavior ruling out actions considered disruptive -- including
A shower of sports crowd hisses and jeers can sometimes be a good thing. Indeed, it is upon occasion absolutely required of the responsible fan.
Fans have more power than one might think, which levies more responsibility to be selective in our outbursts. Let's review, shall we?
What occurs to me about the booing is that it might begin to color attitudes towards the Met under Peter Gelb for whom this 2009-10 season is the first with no vestigial ties to Joseph Volpe.