book art

One artist is painting hilariously incorrect summaries of classic books.
Fans of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory might be familiar with a little known chapter about the Vanilla Fudge Room. But
Chen's enchanting sculptures, which from afar look to be made of stone or wood, require a second, third or perhaps fourth
It was not necessarily focused on the kids though, which I think was the norm then. The kids were left to themselves. In
"Night of the Living Dummy," Sabrina Parolin "The Haunted School," Byron Eggenschwiler "Attack of the Jack-O-Lanterns," Sam
h/t The Gallerist Recognize this dreamy, sullen bird? Come on, book nerd, this 17th century Dutch painting is just calling
"With the vanishing of cultures, some people are displaced and destroyed. We are currently told that the paper book is bound
"When I found out I could plant in anything, that I could dig a hole in books, I thought it was perfect," Green told The
Flame Run, a gallery in Louisville, Kentucky, is showcasing a glass exhibit called the "Bookworm" show, which celebrates
A journalist hit the nail the head when she wrote that "books and cities have a lot in common: they're both full of stories" in describing my new art series. I realized there was something special about peoples' relationship with buildings and the books they own.
Enjoy! The books are a four volume series by Robert Mudie, one volume for each season of the year, and the paintings reflect
E-books may be more popular than ever, but makers and writers of printed books aren't going down without a fight. We've seen
Some books may no longer be as vital as they once were, but like painting at the beginning of our last century, it won’t
Panikanova was born in St. Petersburg, and graduated at the top of her class from the Academy of Fine Arts. She currently
Don't count those bird watching encyclopedias out just yet.
Herbert Weitz, bookbinder to the stars, is a great character, specializing in what he describes as "Fine... hand... leather
He had reached out to her after she had befriended his sister, and she says that although she hasn't yet had a phone call