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As an author, I love talking to readers. Whether that's at book club discussions, or through my website or Goodreads, I get a lot of wonderful feedback and tons of great questions.
Stuck for ways to get rid of characters that are contributing nothing to your plot? You want to kill them, but you're squeamish. Or perhaps you're just not very good at writing about bloodshed. Perhaps these will work for you.
When I wrote Butterfly Skin (Titan Books, $14.95), a violent novel about a serial killer, his crimes and his love, readers
Kristen Stewart as Marylou, "On the Road" (2012) Honestly, Walter Salles's adaptation of "On the Road" was a mess even Jennifer
“Flatulent.” “Slothful.” “Perverse.” “Oaf.” “Bag of wind.” These constitute just a few of the terms applied to the hero of
From fairy tales and comic books, to classic and contemporary novels, the orphan's journey is a compelling and recurring theme in literature. Why are we drawn to them? What do they have to teach us? And what does our endless fascination with them reveal about us?
Here's a list of my very favorite childhood leading ladies. They offer lessons in perspective. They encourage curiosity and scrappiness in equal measure. And they remind us that even the biggest challenges can be overcome with gumption.
Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games series: You love your independence, no doubt about it. Whenever a one-night-stand
Lotte in Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's "Sorrows of Young Werther" Essentially the SORROWS of Werther are all a direct result
2013-10-04-ScreenShot20131004at6.13.45PM.pngMany male protagonists seem palatable enough at first glance -- unless we hold them to the more exacting friendship standard.