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It’s that time of year again -- and you’re frantically trying to finish your holiday shopping. You’ve got the toys, but now
For Literary Nerds Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel: This dystopian tale of a post-apocalyptic society follows a ragtag
A folded corner. A spare receipt. An optimistic belief that we can totally remember the page number. We all have our ways
As ebook sales make up an increasingly sizable share of book sales, it may seem logical that we’ll see more and more book
When it comes to love, few things are more thrilling and frustrating than the language of flowers. You know a red rose means love, but how about a pink one, or yellow, or white? You know what, let's steer clear of roses as Valentine's Day gifts--they're overplayed.
Green looks for interesting cover designs and remnants of the past in the pages. She speaks lovingly about the books she
Buying a book for a book lover is risky business. For avid readers, selecting a new written adventure can be a deeply personal
If you have a francophile on your gift-giving list, you're in luck. This year saw three terrific new books that celebrate the country where "good Americans go when they die."
Originally posted on Kirkus: We know who you are; no need to slink around pocketing that young adult book you’re reading
The holiday season is fast approaching, but the holiday shopping season has already begun. It's time to figure out the perfect