book gifts

They're a snap to wrap. They don't require an electrical outlet or a battery. Of course, we're talking about those au courant but timeless items: books.
It’s that time of year again -- and you’re frantically trying to finish your holiday shopping. You’ve got the toys, but now
For Foodies The Third Plate: Field Notes on the Future of Food by Dan Barber: Chef Dan Barber's manifesto on the need for
A folded corner. A spare receipt. An optimistic belief that we can totally remember the page number. We all have our ways
As fervent booklovers, we’re also fervent lovers of literary paraphernalia. There’s no book-themed scarf, tote bag, art print
When it comes to love, few things are more thrilling and frustrating than the language of flowers. You know a red rose means love, but how about a pink one, or yellow, or white? You know what, let's steer clear of roses as Valentine's Day gifts--they're overplayed.
"When I found out I could plant in anything, that I could dig a hole in books, I thought it was perfect," Green told The
Buying a book for a book lover is risky business. For avid readers, selecting a new written adventure can be a deeply personal
If you have a francophile on your gift-giving list, you're in luck. This year saw three terrific new books that celebrate the country where "good Americans go when they die."
Originally posted on Kirkus: We know who you are; no need to slink around pocketing that young adult book you’re reading
The holiday season is fast approaching, but the holiday shopping season has already begun. It's time to figure out the perfect
From Flavorwire: With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, the more bookish among you may be thinking about getting literary
For those of us who live for the written word, the books we own mean everything. My bookshelves tell my life story. I can probably tell you the conditions under which every book I own was acquired, as well as where I was when I read them.
Books have always been my go-to gift, given that they're thoughtful, often affordable and, let's be honest, can be fun to
As the holiday season rolls in, we're inundated with gift guides for book lovers, would-be book readers and literary fanatics
After all, as the trending Twitter topic states, #BooksAreBetter. The right book, on the other hand, is always a thoughtful
It's risky buying books for bookish friends. There's always the chance they've already read this year's bestsellers. To play
Here are my recommendations for some nonfiction books that make great daddy gifts.
When you were too restless to sleep, she read you the same story a million times, never wavering in her theatric enthusiasm