Book Riot

Sensitivity readers say to the author, “We exist too, and we ought to exist on our terms.”
When I cringe at another's (or my own) urges towards me-me-me, I try to remember to allocate a bit of kindness towards writers (like me) trying to dance as fast as we can.
By Rebecca Joines Schinsky and Jeff O’Neal, editors of Book Riot We did a limited run of print, guaranteeing a print copy
A personal romantic history through the lens of (what else?) bookish moments.
We usually keep things pretty positive here at the Riot, but after many years of life in the bookish interweb, we've identified some conversations that just keep coming back up. And we're ready to put an end to them.
So these two writers walk into a bar, right? And neither of them is a horse or anything but both of them are complaining about fan-fiction, where "fans" write "fiction" based on another writer's works, then typically post them online for people to read for free.
Let me be among the first to warn JK Rowling off. The last thing the world needs is a literary George Lucas.
My literary pet peeve is readers who have pet peeves. That's a statement that surely won't make me popular, but stay with me for a second. Hopefully I can get you to see things a little differently.
Try asking an adult who wanders into our Young Adult section if you can help them find something, and most of the time you get an awkward shrug or a nervous laugh, followed by an "oh, no, I just like reading this stuff...
Spring has me in the mood to clean out closets of both the storage and psychic varieties. Here are seven of the dirty little reading secrets I've been carrying around for a while. What are yours?