book villains

“Flatulent.” “Slothful.” “Perverse.” “Oaf.” “Bag of wind.” These constitute just a few of the terms applied to the hero of
Where do I get off messing with Dorothy like this? Look, just hear me out. 6. Olivia Pope, Scandal. Olivia Pope is America's
Most villains are the type readers love to hate, but a rare few inspire actual compassion. Some have been treated like garbage their whole lives, others are consumed by jealousy, and quite a few are just plain charming.
3. Bertha in "Jane Eyre" Sure, she does some crazy things. She tries to set Rochester on fire, and then eventually ends up
This week on Twitter saw the return of #booktalk, the weekly chat of HuffPost Books where you can spill your feelings with
Yesterday, Random House (@randomhouse) tweeted, "The #NY rain is making us feel slightly evil, which brings us to ask. Who