Triangle shelves Materials needed: Wood, miter saw, sand paper, nails, wood glue Skill level: Tim "The Toolman" Taylor Credit
Forget alphabetical shelving. This textile artist shows us how it's done.
Whether it's a wall filled with books or a hidden case of first editions, built-in shelves are the latest must-haves in any living space.
A curated bookcase is an integral component of any decor scheme. Built-in shelves elevate the ambience while simultaneously housing everything from titles and prints to that decorative collection of one-of-a-kind vases.
No matter what color-palette you're working with, a well-curated bookshelf is also a great place to display your beloved baubles and artifacts.
Go rustic with repurposed wood, go industrial with pipes and hardware, go modern with interestingly shaped boxes and bins -- take something you already own, and create a style all your own.
If you’ve ever worked at a bookstore, or spent a lot of time combing through bookstore shelves, this will come naturally
It's more than just a place to plop books and frames, bookshelves reveal a lot about who we are. And what we want the world (okay, or our company) to know about ourselves.
Reclaimed Ladder Most of us have the Billy bookshelf from IKEA, still leftover from our first apartment. Others, however
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