As the question points out, Concorde flew in afterburner. Besides being loud, afterburners are horribly inefficient. During
Compilation albums are a great way to receive a carefully selected dose of varying styles of music of any kind but are especially helpful with electronic music.
This asterisk symbolizes my belief and commitment that humans are more than their age and that stereotypes and discriminations based on age need to be challenged within our own psyches and the world!
The sun was up. A weekday. Seemed the perfect moment to cycle over to see the new blockbuster exhibit of Diego Velasquez, the 17th century Spanish master whose works are scarcely known in France.
It's premature to depart from John Muir before we have more fully visited with him. We take it for granted that he saved places like Yosemite just because they were beautiful. There's more to it.
To the "wilderness" concept or idea -- the point is not that humans have no place in part of the biosphere. We are agents of creation and destruction in the biological hurly burly no less than other species. We are not specially more than other species, nor are we specially less.
The scenes and scenesters included here: 5 Pointz, 907Crew, Sadue, Gen2, Oze108, Droid, Goya, UFO, Aakash Nihalini, No Touching
Burkhart--whose Liz Taylor paintings have been shown at MoMA-PS1 in New York; the Stedelijk Museum Zwolle, Netherlands; the
Last March, Ben Bernanke wrote: Let's be careful not to fight the last war. I'm thinking we should eliminate securitization
HP: While BOOM is welcoming to all residents, you're focusing on LGBT senior citizens. What do you hope BOOM can provide