People From All Generations Share The 'Boomer' Opinions They Agree With
"The effects of gravity and of years of smiles will always be a truth of life."
I have come to notice over the past few years that my "little dancing friend" doesn't show up as often in the mornings.
Now that summer is quickly approaching, I am reminded of one more thing that I really miss from my youth. The warmer weather brings with it bar-b-cues, picnics, baseball games and family get-togethers. These bring out the foods I can no longer eat that I loved when I was younger.
The third "thing" that I want to talk to you about that I miss from my youth is the "ability to drink."
Today, I proudly watch sports. I am an armchair quarterback. I am the king of fantasy football. Now, instead of dreaming about playing in the World Series or the Superbowl, I travel the world to watch these great sporting events live.
Anyway, I bet those of us (men and women) who miss playing competitive sports wish we could go back and have it all over again.
I continue to celebrate and honor my grandmother's life by following her passions for reading and writing. Both these pastimes are an integral part of my own life. This is my way of honoring her.
Sex in the far recesses of human history was generally accomplished without the aid of toys or even without the knowledge that what one was engaged in had a name. Gradually, sex became much more sophisticated.