Blue-collar work is in demand for a reason: fewer people want to do it.
Decades of psychological research have revealed a fundamental reality about our human nature: we are lazy when it comes to
Rarely will an employer rescind an offer due to you negotiating.
A controversial new book argues boomers are beset with egotism, impulsivity and a shocking lack of empathy -- and they're leaving the world a worse place.
As a psychologist and human behavior expert who spends much of her time in the entertainment world, the mistakes seem obvious
Soon, the credibility gap was further exacerbated by Watergate. By the eighties, the credibility gap had morphed into a general
I found the hustle and bustle of the think-tank environment quite intoxicating. It quickly became clear to me that these
Contrary to claims touted by most products in the vitamin store, it turns out that human beings really do have a maximum lifespan.
Debbie Wasserman Schulz and Donna Brazile, I hope you're pleased that you foisted Hillary on a Democrat and Independent public
Earlier this month the Public Religion Research Institute released new statistics that chronicle the demographic shifts in religious affiliation. The one group that has grown exponentially is the so-called "Nones," or religiously unaffiliated.
It makes me smile when I hear people say they look in the mirror and see their mother. The other day I heard a man wonder out loud how his dad's hands appeared out of the sleeves of his jacket.
If the thought of going back to college for one day brings up memories solely of being strung out or being hung over, you might want to skip this post. On the other hand, it conjures up one of the most exciting and amazing periods of your life, you are in luck.
Traditionally, living with roommates has been the lifestyle primarily of the young and single, but more and more people in their 50s and beyond are turning to home sharing to ease the high cost of living and reduce the isolation that can occur when older adults live on their own.
Women tend to have the blessing and the curse of being invisible, especially as we approach 50 and beyond. The negative side
As the business climate becomes more competitive, a global approach to international giving -- delivered with a local experience -- helps employees both inside and outside of headquarters feel heard and valued, while fueling their passions at work.
Some aging boomers just let it all hang out physically. Unfortunately, many will suffer the consequences of their inaction. I have a close friend who has surrendered his body to nature and while I worry about losing him prematurely, I know there's nothing I can do about his behavior.
About a month ago I posted on my Facebook business page what I thought was a fairly lovely -- and innocuous -- photo of two beautiful women, Maggie Smith and Judi Dench. I captioned it: 'Two divine women. No wild outfits. No heavy make-up or plastic surgery.' The post got nearly 16 million views.