booster shots

The agency authorized updated Pfizer and Moderna vaccines that are expected to protect against the new omicron strains causing a surge in cases.
CDC advisers will meet Tuesday to determine who should get the updated boosters targeting the XBB.1.5 subvariant of the coronavirus.
Hilarity ensued when Dr. Anthony Fauci brought Stephen Colbert along for his COVID-19 booster shot.
The retooled vaccines would target highly transmissible omicron subvariants and hopefully prevent a surge in cases in the winter.
Experts explain how the new bivalent COVID-19 shots work and who may be eligible to get them when they're released.
Stephen Hoge said he'll personally still get a booster jab every year because “long COVID sounds nasty.”
Pharmaceutical head Albert Bourla said it is preparing to submit data to the FDA that would show the effectiveness of receiving a second booster shot.
The new studies offer more evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines are standing up to the omicron variant, at least among people who have gotten booster shots.
Although the state also requires other groups to either be vaccinated or submit to weekly testing, there is no plan to make them to get a booster shot.
If you've got a cold or other symptoms of illness, read this before you head to your vaccine appointment.