It’s been long rumored that Anderson’s appearance in the film caused the end of her brief marriage to the rocker.
Sacha Baron Cohen's character celebrated the caging of immigrant children with an unwitting Trump supporter on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"
If all you know about cycling is that Lance Armstrong doped his way to seven titles, then you're missing out on an extraordinary sporting event.
Crazy-man Sacha Baron Cohen and his wife Isla Fisher are now trying to sell their Hollywood Hills home instead of just leasing
Lewy had the idea for a Brit living in the U.S., even as he was researching America's immigration bureaucracy. His discussions with immigration lawyers sparked the idea for the film.
Most of the fun of watching Ali G and, later, Borat and Bruno, was wondering what outrageous stunt Cohen would pull next. If audiences don't think Cohen could possibly top his previous antics, does that take the fun out of the whole thing?
Sacha Baron Cohen casts a wide net. He seems to have something wildly nasty to say about everyone -- but he always seems to say it with a charming smile. He's an equal-opportunity offender.
In the film, the obviously sexist, homophobic and anti-semitic Borat leaves a stereotyped version of Kazakhstan for a documentary
Wo-wo-wee-wah! Kazakh athletes were left enraged after a parody of their national anthem from the spoof film "Borat" was
Tony DiSanto and Liz Gateley’s DiGa are shopping a hybrid reality/scripted project with Jimmy Kimmel's Jackhole Industries