Cherri's presentation is the first of four CAPC expositions this year curated under the overall theme, "The Economy of Living
For me the best part of being a wine writer is not the opportunity to taste so many wines in so many places but to meet the passionate winemakers who have devoted their lives to maintaining a long history of excellence, whether it's an Italian like Angelo Gaja or a Californian like Michael Mondavi.
I asked about fishing, then about living in their enchanting region of Bordeaux in southwest France. They described lives barely touched by time. Lives that follow the slow seasonal rhythm of the vineyards with the same ancestral predictability as the river current is regulated by the tides of the distant Atlantic Ocean.
No single artist played a greater role in the era of the Sexual Revolution than a young woman born in Chicago with the name Judy Cohen who renamed herself Judy Chicago.
Beloved but so often neglected, Sauternes are among the world's most respected wines that few people drink with any degree of frequency.
If you were to give advice to your 22 year old self, what would it be? Jesse: When I wanted to branch out and start my first
Meals on the boat were always delicious, and quite often featured specialties of the region. There were options available
Of course, I am well aware of the excellence of the 50/50 Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon blend of Haut-Brion and the 55% Semillon
It is simplistic to think of growers successfully moving their Napa Cabernet plantings to Oregon for cooler temperatures given the reality of different soils and other conditions. The grapes may survive the change but will the character of the wine be vastly different? Probably so.
You needn't worry about my daughter--she learned from this experience not to accept crumbs from those who think that people with disabilities don't deserve the best the world has to offer. So thank you for galvanizing me into helping to change the world for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.