The far-right congresswoman falsely equated migrants with drug traffickers during a rant about cartels.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott installed razor wire and floating buoys to stem a diminishing flow of undocumented immigrants to his state.
Some Twitter users felt the House speaker's criticism of the president's border policy came across more like high praise or, worse, a Joe Biden campaign ad.
The GOP-led state is sticking with its makeshift barrier, even as Arizona dismantles a similar wall under federal orders.
A new policy to reject Cubans, Haitians and Nicaraguans at the border could lead to "horrific abuses," one immigrant rights advocate said.
Title 42, a pandemic-era immigration restriction, is set to expire, & government officials are bracing.
The federal agency told Arizona officials in a letter last week that the containers were unauthorized and violated U.S. law.
Over 11,000 migrants have been transported from Texas to Democrat-led cities since April. We need “solutions and not theater," a Texas congressman said.
The third time was not a charm for disgraced ‘Sheriff Joe’ Arpaio, who has failed yet again in his bid to return to Arizona politics.
A federal judge in Louisiana blocked a Biden administration plan to lift Title 42, which denies migrants a chance to request asylum on the southern border.