border fence

The president boasts that they "will be beautiful" and see-through.
They used gallons of sky blue paint for the optical illusion.
The leadership skills displayed by the Republican presidential candidates inspire me. I am a teacher and I recently applied GOP leadership techniques in my classroom. They work like a charm!
Two months ago the Slovenian government decided to fence Slovenia off from Croatia using many miles of barbed wire. It was done, supposedly, to protect the sovereignty of the Slovenian territory from the mass inflows of refugees from Croatia.
Business isn't simple; foreign policy isn't either. If Trump wants to be taken seriously by the general electorate, he should demonstrate the nuanced understanding of foreign policy exemplified by candidates ranging from Jeb Bush to Hillary Clinton.
The Huffington post caught up with Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D-Texas) in El Paso as he runs a 10k across the border and back.
Your Neighbor Killed Your Trees by Over Pruning: How do you even know that the trees that were located on your boundary line
Ironically, wasting billions on a fence to protect us from people we employ in not only ludicrous, it makes a mockery of economic data.
Removing the age cap and changing the criteria to allow more DREAMers to qualify may be the easiest thing that Obama could do.
Boehner has gone from confidently touting his and his fellow House Republicans' upcoming leadership on the issue of immigration, to now doing nothing more than groveling for Obama to solve the problem using his executive authority -- which is an ironic enough stance for a Republican to take, these days.
Photographer Stefan Falke's project La Frontera documents artists who live and work close to the Mexican border with the United States in what used to be some of the world's most dangerous cities.
PHOENIX — An Arizona legislator wants the state to spend $30 million for a high-tech surveillance network near the U.S. border
Time, though, does not care for walls and fences. If there is something permanent in human history, it is the movement from one place to another. Foreigners. Refugees. Great Migrations. From Africa to Europe. From Asia to America. From Europe to America. From Asia and Africa to Europe.
U.S. promoters of lucha libre — a style of professional wrestling popular in Mexican culture — and its most controversial
Surely there would be an effect. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the “border surge” amendment would result
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Friday that the first vote on the Corker-Hoeven amendment will be held on
Thune and David Vitter (R-La.) offered the two amendments voted down Tuesday, while more narrowly-focused amendments from
The episode was a tragic reminder of how desperate some people are to enter to the United States, but it wasn’t an isolated