boris johnson

The former Treasury chief makes history as Britain's first prime minister of South Asian descent.
Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he will not run to lead the Conservative Party, ending intense speculation about a comeback.
Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has returned to Britain ahead of a possible tilt at reclaiming his former job.
Several British lawmakers are jockeying for support to become the country’s next leader following the implosion of Liz Truss’ historically short-lived government.
The former British prime minister said the queen was visibly ill in their meeting two days before her death, but remained “actively focused."
Truss defeated former Chancellor Rishi Sunak in the race for Conservative Party leader and prime minister.
The queen has been having mobility problems and has cancelled some engagements in recent months.
"I believe Ukraine can and will win this war," the prime minister said.
Steve Baker, a leading member of Johnson's Conservative Party, calls on the outgoing leader to "abandon this fantasy about continuing."
The outgoing prime minister was given a standing ovation by the same Conservative Party MPs who kicked him out of the post.