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Boris Johnson has been forced to ask the EU for a delay. His deal can still be passed, but the clock is ticking.
He also sent a contradictory note -- this one signed -- to the EU president arguing against a Brexit extension.
The prime minister is now compelled to seek a three-month extension of EU membership, but he insists: "I will not negotiate a delay."
Lawmakers in Parliament debated whether to accept Prime Minister Boris Johnson's proposed new divorce deal with the European Union.
MPs set for Saturday vote on Prime Minister Boris Johnson's agreement.
The president appeared to say he has also driven on the wrong side of the road in a foreign country.
Boris Johnson said Anne Sacoolas’ claim of diplomatic immunity is unjustified and he will personally take action if she doesn't return.
Members of Parliament warned that the prime minister should be more cautious with his tone, given the 2016 killing of legislator Jo Cox.
Trump facing impeachment, Boris Johnson on the ropes, WeWork's CEO ousted ― is time finally up for bumbling leaders?
When will MPs be back in parliament? Will Boris Johnson have to resign?
Critics had accused Prime Minister Boris Johnson of suspending parliament to escape scrutiny in the run-up to the Oct. 31 Brexit deadline.
"There's no press here," the UK prime minister can be heard saying over the sound of camera shutters clicking.
The British prime minister made the bizarre comparison as he stressed his resolve to break Britain out of the European Union by October 31.
The former U.K. leader is mincing no words in his criticism of Johnson, whom he accused of choosing "Leave" to benefit his own political aspirations.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also got a very tongue-in-cheek tribute at the annual street art event in southwest England.
The decision is expected to now go to the UK Supreme Court next week.
This is the British prime minister's sixth defeat in six days.
Prime minister to prorogue parliament on Monday night after anti-no deal Brexit legislation gets royal assent.
The Israeli prime minister referred to his British counterpart as "Boris Yeltsin." But the blunder was conspicuously edited out of an official video of his remarks.