boris nemtsov

MOSCOW -- Boris Nemtsov never believed he would be murdered. Of course, he understood he might be harassed in one way or another. He knew the authorities might have plans to send him to prison. But he never for one minute imagined that someone could shoot him in the back.
This street exhibition on the Nemtsov bridge was opened the 28 March 2015 spontaneously - some people have printed Nemtsov
On Saturday afternoon, friends and colleagues of Boris Nemtsov, joined by thousands of others, will march in Moscow, marking
I have been "running" my art-marathon in memory of murdered opposition leader Boris Nemtsov 358 days, I launched it the 3 March, the day of his funeral.
Mikhail Kasyanov says the video is "incitement to murder."
Boris Nemtsov's supporters said the suspect was only a low-level figure and that a cover-up is underway.
MOSCOW -- Perhaps the social apathy and the public's lack of interest in politics is a defense mechanism, people's way of responding to the flood of lies and aggression from the authorities. Nobody can figure out where the truth lies, and so it is best not to even go looking for it.
Over the past week Russian president Vladimir Putin has been dominating the headlines with stories, comments, and declarations that demonstrate the extent of his power in Russia and his disregard for the rest of the world.
The West first imposed sanctions on Russian businessmen and officials after Moscow annexed Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula in
Browder was the largest foreign investor in Russia until 2005, when he became blacklisted from Russia as a "threat to national security." He has since emerged as one of Putin's most strident critics, and a prominent human rights activist.
I am angry with you because you traded in freedom for a little bit of comfort; you ignored all the warning signs or, even worse, knew what was happening but decided not to get involved.
Dadayev was a former deputy commander of the Chechen police's "Sever" (North) battalion which fought Islamist rebels in the
A man wanted in connection with the killing of Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov took his own life on Saturday. Nemtsov's girlfriend