The country's political center is literally being crushed under the weight of overpopulation and over-extraction of groundwater.
The 2020 Olympic host is facing calls to stop using suppliers accused of illegal logging on indigenous lands.
The viral image featured 7-month-old Vena, a victim of the illegal -- and flourishing -- orangutan pet trade.
Slaughtering orangutans is a common crime on Borneo, but rarely prosecuted.
The boat, a catamaran, had failed to arrive at popular tourist spot Mengalum island after departing Kota Kinabalu, the capital of the eastern Malaysian state of Sabah, on Saturday morning.
This is the gateway to Malaysian Borneo and the thrills and adventure of Asia's largest island. English is widely spoken, people are friendly and curious, and more than half of the province is forest.
Once you have met the orangutans, you will see that they are the gentle ones of the ape species. If you have seen the IMAX film "Born to be Wild," you will understand the need to make sure they have a space to live and thrive.
The female was the first of her species to be spotted in Indonesian Borneo in 40 years.
Parts of southeast Asia will see it in totality, but Hawaii and Alaska are also top skywatching spots.
Please Note: There are many ways you can support the conservation efforts of Sabah. One is the Orangutan Appeal UK or in
Monkeys are the most widely scattered primates around the world after humans, and they never cease to delight with their antics - as opposed to humans.
Once Orangutans roamed over much of Asia. Now you'll only find these fantastic red-haired creatures in Sumatra and Borneo.