These words can subtly influence people into doing what co-workers and bosses want.
A new global survey finds that a majority of business leaders are completely out of touch with their workforce.
Be careful. Is your bad manager a rescuer, a people-pleaser or a numbers person?
A new level above you in the org chart isn't necessarily a career setback.
Leaders should be aware that certain phrases come with loaded meanings.
Don't be fooled by "Everything is fine" and "Don't you agree?"
Whether you’re a leader now or may become one in the future, you don’t have to succumb to this trend.
Once you agree on boundaries and learn to negotiate priorities, you might be surprised.
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If you find yourself threatened by other people's choices, start paying attention to what it is you fear. Because where there
As a virtual assistant you are an independent contractor. The client pays you a fee for your services and then you are responsible
I want to stand on a soap box and rant, but instead, I start by asking a question. When I speak in their classrooms or keynote
Rather than adding more and more wellness initiatives and material perks, employers can actually do something much simpler -- not to mention cost-effective -- that will have much greater results. By creating a values-based culture characterized by humanity, they can create an organization with true workplace well-being.
Reconnecting with co-workers over anything and everything pumpkin spiced and the scary/chic office decor and the funny costumes make the workplace a bit more festive, fun and entertaining! We all need to not take ourselves so seriously sometimes. But as an entrepreneur with over 100 employees, I'm first and foremost always focused on running a successful business, and it's important to me to maintain clear boundaries with my staff.
It shouldn't have worked as well as it did. But work it did. It made me re-think my own implicit theory of management. They
Develop productive relationships with people around you. Effective relationships, inside your business and outside, are critical