Leaders should be aware that certain phrases come with loaded meanings.
Don't be fooled by "Everything is fine" and "Don't you agree?"
Whether you’re a leader now or may become one in the future, you don’t have to succumb to this trend.
Once you agree on boundaries and learn to negotiate priorities, you might be surprised.
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For the sake of discussion, I'd like to label this behavior, "I'm the boss of everyone" perspective. It takes the idea that
Hope you find as much enjoyment being a virtual assistant as I did. The pay, flexible hours, client base and thrill of owning
I want to stand on a soap box and rant, but instead, I start by asking a question. When I speak in their classrooms or keynote
Rather than adding more and more wellness initiatives and material perks, employers can actually do something much simpler -- not to mention cost-effective -- that will have much greater results. By creating a values-based culture characterized by humanity, they can create an organization with true workplace well-being.
Reconnecting with co-workers over anything and everything pumpkin spiced and the scary/chic office decor and the funny costumes make the workplace a bit more festive, fun and entertaining! We all need to not take ourselves so seriously sometimes. But as an entrepreneur with over 100 employees, I'm first and foremost always focused on running a successful business, and it's important to me to maintain clear boundaries with my staff.
It's time for a reappraisal. One is that it is a very selective management process, very 80/20. The boss is making a decision
Develop productive relationships with people around you. Effective relationships, inside your business and outside, are critical
1. Avoid morning craziness by prepping the night before. Planning ahead at least nightly, makes everything run smoother. 2
Millennial business coach and content marketer Ryan Robinson noticed that neither his old boss nor his dad were "quick to dish out praise"-- even when he did great work. Their approval was, in consequence, "very meaningful" to Robinson.
An executive coach identifies the causes of troublesome colleagues' behavior, and how best to respond.