boston attack

After four tragically trying months, a family devastated by the Boston bombings has taken an incredibly inspiring step forward.
"[He] lives in my heart," she told Fr. Sean Connor, who led the Mass in Martin's honor in June. But they remain heartened
The balance of power between governments and the public has been permanently altered by the increasing accessibility of new media. Governments are being faced with a fundamental choice: respond or repress.
On Monday morning, more than 23,000 individuals began running the Boston Marathon eager to cross the finish line. But at 2:45 p.m., two bombs detonated at the final stretch of the race leaving 5,756 runners unable to finish.
One foot after another, for miles on end. Not many of us run in this age of technology and global urbanization, but running is written into our DNA, and what happened in Boston will not destroy the marathon spirit.
"There is so much we know about PTSD these days, and there are so many instances in our world that are traumatic. If we acknowledge
The dogs from the Lutheran Church Charities' K-9 Comfort Ministry will also participate in services at the church, the pastor
Watching the television coverage of the Boston Marathon attacks, I found myself thrown five years back to a battlefield in Afghanistan. I've spoken with numerous veterans today and all echoed the same fear -- the tactics of our enemies abroad may finally have followed us home.
A fire at the John F. Kennedy Library was also initially thought to be connected to the two explosions; the library later