boston bombing coverage

"This might be an unpopular opinion," the CNN host began. Watch the video for the full segment. "In retrospect, I wonder
And although ratings for the media as a whole in both surveys were relatively positive, the HuffPost/YouGov poll found some
"Fox & Friends" host Brian Kilmeade has also suggested putting "listening devices" in mosques, and wondered aloud why there
Fox News liberal Bob Beckel had some policy ideas about Muslims on Tuesday's edition of "The Five." Beckel and his co-hosts were talking about the Boston bombing suspects, who are Muslim. The general consensus seemed to be that, by probing into their lives and their possible motives for the attacks, members of the media were avoiding the main issue.
In an interview on Tuesday, CNN's John King said that he was very embarrassed about his reporting mistakes during the Boston
"You find the big argument, which is Muslim supremacy, isn't that all you need?" Greg Gutfeld asked. "Why do you have to
The Boston Globe proved both resilient and resourceful during the marathon bombing crisis, and became a vital source of information
Brokaw, though, tied Tsarnaev to what he called "Islamic rage." Harris-Perry, meanwhile, took the opposite tack. "I keep
The Post is not a paper that apologizes very often, and it did not apologize for its Boston coverage either. Its owner continued
The site wrote up a fake "apology" from editor Col Allan, and proceeded to slip the apology into copies of Friday's Post