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The high-profile 2014 cyber attack is explained for the first time.
"Sometimes I have a hard time believing you are actually my mother." Normally that type of talk would result in my feelings being hurt and I would have reprimanded her for being fresh.
New light-enabled catheter is being called revolutionary.
A tattoo artist helped to make this girl feel like a Disney star; not a princess or queen, but an awesome villain. The experience
When her fellow musicians and their teacher heard about her pending surgery, they knew what they had to do. Several of them
Does a person who perspires a lot -- say a personal trainer or certified yoga instructor -- possess a greater capacity to transform innovative ideas into realities? I have no way of knowing, but after meeting Sarah Gardner, I'm inclined to say hell yes!
Your world shrinks when your child is hospitalized with a serious condition.
February is a time to spread awareness of heart disease and also to recognize the astounding achievements of the medical community in treating matters of the heart and these things are important to me.
It was a child who nearly died that made me realize just how drastically my profession had to change. Because nearly 8 million children died in 2010 before reaching the age of five, in large part because of imminently treatable illnesses, and because 57 countries globally are facing a human resources health crisis and of those countries, each only has 1.13 doctors per 1,000 inhabitants, compared with 13.22 per 1,000 in the U.S.