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How better soft skills might boost low college persistence and employment rates.
An antitrust suit against the NCAA’s price-fixing amateur model would benefit players -- and rid college sports of the worst corruption that plagues them.
They could lower your taxes and increase your retirement account.
PS: Is there anything else that can be done? JK: I think we are seeing it play out in the pre- and post-election dynamics
The night of the show, I meet the client and her trading assistant for a quick dinner at the Ocean Grill. They are very excited
"You live for your kids, so they could have a better life than I had."
What is it about women's sport that some people do not get? How long has it been since the passage of Title IX? When was it that Billy Jean King convinced the USTA to give equal prize money to women? The answer is much longer than Apple has had an 'I" or a "phone."
How do you build a career in a field that you are passionate about? How do you turn your interests into clear success down the line? In the next few posts, I will talk about the link between passion and action in a few fields, starting with my personal favorite field of public health today.
You don't always have to be a tech guy or business guy in order to start a startup. There are so many moving pieces in a startup that your degree of study doesn't really matter. What matters is your conviction to your idea