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Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker said the state was “right in the middle” of a coronavirus surge.
"Why am I welling up over pizza?" said one Twitter user.
And that's it. There is no plan for 100% of Boston; no schedule, no agreement to continue to other areas to offer the fiber
Journalists don't seem interested in self-examination, and they certainly don't seem open to admitting that their occasionally colossal blunders helped tip the scales in Trump's favor.
And Verizon has also recently filed with the FCC to start shutting off various wired business services in the name of the
An indictment of the Boston media’s failure to expose a federal prosecutor results in more of the same.
And the final kicker: The next few paragraphs never mention doing 100% of the entire city. It does not say Verizon is going
The front page features a to-scale photo of the military-style AR-15.