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Fox is taking on the story of the Boston Marathon bombings. The network announced plans to launch an event series based on
A weight has been lifted -- one I never knew I was carrying. My legs cry in pain every time I move, but my heart is lighter. The Boston Marathon hurt me last year. But that same great race made me stronger and gave me back my finish line. And with it, a new PR of 3:42:34.
There's a saying in Nichiren Buddhism that "Winter Always Turns to Spring." After this brutally cold, long winter, as the first anniversary of the Marathon Bombings drew near, there was evidence of the truth in that saying.
Cassandra Arsenault isn't letting the terror of last year's Boston Marathon prevent her from running this year. "You have
"It was great to meet everyone," she said about the Achilles International gathering. "I got a medal and an award." Still
Nearly a dozen artists, many from Boston themselves, provided entertainment and a chance to honor the victims, the volunteers, the medical and police teams involved.
I don't know. I'm outraged too. I'm upset too. But when our media chooses random deaths to focus on for weeks; when our president chooses random cities to console -- that brings our perspective into question.
nstead of falling head over heels for Jahar, here's a different idea: Fall in love with America and embrace all it has to offer: its promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. A love affair with America is guaranteed to be a much more rewarding.
Jesus says to “love your enemies” she said in the statement. “Not to hate them even after they are dead.” There was "no advanced
Because of the increased interest, some guess that marathon officials may expand the registration limit, according to
It took the Marathon bombing and its aftermath to seal the deal. I now know in my gut I am a Bostonian. I got really angry and my first thought was, "How can they do this to MY town!"
The thing that struck me was the number of spectators who returned to the scene, and I keep hearing about more. That man in the cowboy hat, pinching off someone's exposed artery with his bare hands. The woman who ran back to the site to cradle a child.
Click above to watch the entire encounter. (WARNING: Graphic language.) A video of the verbal clash between an unseen Boston
We could all debate for hours the attributes that might reside in a man of real strength, and I hope we can begin this debate and discussion today. I have come up with five key values I believe a man should possess to be considered a real man -- a strong man.
It is true that not all terrorist acts in the United States can be avoided, and unfortunately more will succeed. But by incorporating voluntary, partnership-based community intelligence gathering practices into our national security infrastructure, we can improve our chances of preventing some attacks.
Sean Joyce, deputy director of the FBI, defended the FBI's performance in the Boston bombings at two closed hearings in Congress
BOSTON, April 23 (Reuters) - Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the deceased Boston Marathon bombing suspect, bought two large packages of
Last Monday I ran and finished the marathon in 3:16:44, more than 30 minutes before the bombs detonated, feeling achy and with stiff legs. Days later, I returned to the finish line where a makeshift memorial showcased flowers, photos of victims, and shoes worn by runners during the race.