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Doesn't He Look Like A Kid You Know? The Visitation: The Resurrection: Okay, I get it. By the time you got to Florence, on
Working women still struggle to combine the many parts of self, the worker, the mother, the person. I don't know if Marilyn had this in mind when she created this work of art, but for me, it is a timely political statement.
The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA), is host to a phenomenal exhibition of 17th-century Dutch paintings depicting the wealthy, the working class, and the places where the classes connect.
Before Renoir, Max Geller took on Judge Mathis and Israel.
The complexity of the state of museums has also been described as the hybridization of the public and private museum.
The exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art John Singer Sargent: Portraits of Artists and Friends is in its final days, ending October 4th. I was fortunate to be invited to give two talks during the exhibit examining Sargent's work from an artist perspective.
"It's not racist if you look cute & exotic in it."
Beyond the problem of finding the money to pay for it, most museum curators still aren't convinced that illustration art should be displayed amidst more traditional works of fine art.