Boston Symphony Orchestra

To get the results you want, you must change policy; not just change people’s minds.
For those of us who love classical music and desperately want it to be loved by new generations, we can only hope that efforts like the BSO's to blend technology with music will be successful in bringing in those first-timers.
Conductor Benjamin Zander's father served in the German army on the Russian front in World War I. For spiritual sustenance, in the trenches, he would read scores of symphonies that he could hear in his head, even if he had never heard the piece before.
In a galvanizing, hair-raising performance, the Boston Symphony Orchestra arrived at Carnegie Hall on Wednesday night a hundred strong and with a vengeance that could only be befitting of one character and the opera that was named for her: Richard Strauss' Elektra.
In Boston on November 22, 1963, hundreds of people learned about the tragedy -- not directly from media -- but from the conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.
When Marquita Lister sings Serena in Boston Symphony Orchestra's Porgy and Bess this week, she will come full circle in a celebrated career whose seeds took root while she was an undergrad at Boston's New England Conservatory of Music.