boston terror attack

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There are now reports that Tamerlan Tsarnaev returned to his homeland because of disenchantment with life in America. There is speculation that while there, he may have become "radicalized."
There is one change that the United States could make in response to the terrorism threat that is never discussed. That is to consider the part U.S. policies have played in creating and sustaining it.
An unidentified man suspected in the Boston Marathon bombings on Monday died after a frantic crime spree late Thursday night and early Friday morning. His accomplice was at large, and considered armed and dangerous. Police believe they now have the suspect in custody, alive.
Check out more on the White House Flickr page. From the White House Flickr page: (For the latest out of Boston click over
This is a developing story and has been updated. The officer was responding to a report of a disturbance when he was shot
The breakneck pursuit of the stolen car led to Watertown, where suspects detonated explosives in the direction of officers
A Massachusetts State Police public information officer told HuffPost reporter Michael McLaughlin, "We believe this to be
PHOTOS: (Story Continues Below) DesLauriers promised that arrests would be made, saying "all responsible for the bombings
A Fox News reporter who said he had seen the photos described them as "clear," adding that the images show both individuals