bottle feeding

"Breastfeeding is not just about breast milk. It is a relationship."
Let's just stop the guilt and shame associated with feeding babies. If you haven't noticed there is a strong breastfeeding movement. It's everywhere. What an amazing experience and you have the right to be proud you fed your baby from the breast. But formula feeding mom's -- kudos to you for feeding your baby also. Babies with full tummies are the happiest babies ever.
"You can support breastfeeding without taking away the freedom of choice of a mother."
"Anyone who has a negative comment to make on the way I raise my baby will be blocked."
My children are having children. It happens. I just wish they knew what they were doing. I get anxiety and heart palpitations every time my son and his adorable wife put my newborn grandson to bed.
"I love to see the strong bond women have with each other, when they all come together under the same pretense -- to respect one another's choice."
Before you call out another mom, ask yourself: are your comments aimed at truly being helpful? Is what you're saying offering encouragement, or are you simply chastising, belittling or telling another mom, "You're wrong!"
I find the term offensive and inflammatory. War? Are we weapon-wielding barbarians incapable of understanding another woman's life choices?
Photographer Jilli Nel captured the below photo of Officer Black feeding and comforting a baby girl while paramedics helped
"Everybody's journey is so different," the photographer told The Huffington Post. "I love being able to tell their story
How about when you see me breastfeeding, you don't stare or look disgusted? How about you just go about your business and not give it a second thought? How about you don't worry what your children will think? They will think it's normal if you don't make it an issue.
By doubling the number of mothers who breastfed for 7 to 18 months, the UK would save £31 million ($49 million) in maternal
This Tower of (breastfeeding) Babble has reached a fever pitch. It's time for it to come down. Pick up your axe and start chopping. And next time someone asks, simply tell them, "You don't need to know why I don't breastfeed. Because it shouldn't matter."
I wish those who pass judgement today could be a fly on the wall of my office and hear the shame, discomfort, and lack of confidence unkind, thoughtless judgements and comments bring to women who bottle feed. Following are some examples that I hope will make people think before they open their mouths in cruel judgement or give disdainful looks:
7. You will wonder if you're doing it wrong, and convince yourself that everyone else has learned how to do it right.