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Catherine Lacey takes on the dystopian world of modern dating.
Weike Wang's funny, dark novel "Chemistry" explores the unraveling of a desperate grad student.
Patricia Lockwood's poem "Rape Joke" went viral in 2013. Her 2017 memoir does not disappoint.
The story grapples with gender, climate change and our near-future.
"Marlena" is a vivid portrait of a friendship between two teen girls in a troubled community that captures the heartaches of adolescence.
Hannah Lillith Assadi’s debut novel is a poetic story about friendship, loss and the fractured ways we assemble an identity.
"The Idiot" immerses readers in a Harvard student’s thwarted, anxiety-filled freshman year.
A ghostly mystery haunts a duo of white music producers who want to save the blues in Hari Kunzru's new novel.
Yiyun Li writes gracefully about her own alienation in a memoir.
In nine psychologically evocative short stories, Viet Thanh Nguyen lays bare the trauma and emotional ambivalence that lie beneath sentimental or heroic tales of refugees.