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The waiter at our regular Thursday dining facility thinks my father's name is Mr. Ho. Apparently, the Japanese symbols for "harmony" and "change for the better" that my dad has tattooed on his upper left arm actually mean "Mr. Ho" in Chinese.
One of multiple findings detailed a general "lack of boundaries/professionalism" that existed between some faculty and graduate
"Having that larger applicant pool really is a good thing," CU spokesman Ryan Huff said. "If you have a larger pool, you're
Is there a cosmic Bubble around Boulder or is it some sort of American Shangri-La?
In Italy, the table is not set until there's wine upon it. It's not like here where we're still defining our relationship
"When life gives you lemons, sing," said one of the band's members at the end of the video. When a Colorado-based A cappella
Smith: I like to go for bike rides or hikes. This is one main reason I live in Colorado, and the Tiny House invites me to
But CU's Vice Chancellor for Strategic Relations Francis Draper told newspaper that the best way to combat the stereotype
"When we say we taste something, we're actually smelling it," Betts explained in an interview with Potluck Video about his
Crews in Colorado are racing to repair the damaged roads in the state by Dec. 1, before the winter months set in. Some of