Bowen Yang

The "Saturday Night Live" star said he initially tried to adhere to his family's "cultural value around masculinity" as a teen.
She gave him sweet kisses and declared him the love of her life in "SNL" monologue.
Introducing "Trade Daddy" Chen Biao, your new favorite "Weekend Update" guest.
The comedian had used an Asian slur in comments about the 2020 presidential hopeful.
The publication tweeted an article about "Saturday Night Live's" casting of Bowen Yang ― the first Chinese-American cast member -- but with a picture of Joel Kim Booster.
Shane Gillis' offensive jokes surfaced as people celebrated Bowen Yang, the third Asian person to make it to "SNL's" full cast in its 45-season history.
Prior to Yang, Rob Schneider and Fred Armisen were among the show's cast.