Bowen Yang

Yang used Instagram to subtly shade Lorne Michaels and other “Saturday Night Live” staff for hosting the Republican presidential candidate.
Media outlets buzzed about the "Saturday Night Live" cast member's reaction to a surprise appearance by the comic onstage.
Witnessing it all play out online was like opening a Russian nesting doll of microaggressions that wouldn’t stop revealing themselves.
Jafar (played by Bowen Yang) called out DeSantis for being an "amateur" villain before blasting him over his battle with Disney.
He was floating over Montana because he loves the show "Yellowstone," the irritable balloon explained in an "MSNBC" interview on the cold open.
Mikey Day's Garland chillingly announces at a faux press conference: "I am the law."
The real Santos earlier said about drag queen reports: ”I was young and I had fun at a festival. Sue me for having a life.”
“What am I doing? I just turned 936. These should be the best years of my life,” mused Yang's Krampus.
The sketch mocked the rapper's visit to the shoe company after Adidas dropped its partnership with him last week.
"Saturday Night Live" poked fun at the cheating controversy involving the YouTube comedy group's founding member.