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Democrats have historically been the party of Social Security and the champion of the middle class -- so what happened?
American deficit hawks gathered in the nation's capital on Wednesday to commiserate over the collapse of the U.S. austerity movement, solemnly hobnobbing with political royalty to reminisce about the days when slashing Social Security seemed all but inevitable.
This policy shadow-boxing -- emphasizing the deficit while pursuing a separate agenda -- is illuminated by the fact that
There's no way to attain the American dream anymore for young and old alike unless the overall debt problem in America, not just the national debt, is brought under control. In economic terms, this debt is truly enslaving our children.
Back in the 1950s three social psychologists joined a cult that was predicting the imminent end of the world. Their purpose
President Obama and the Democrats' willingness to accept cuts to Social Security in the form of the gimmicky "chained CPI" right after an election where no candidate for federal office campaigned on it shows that the Right's long-term project of undoing the New Deal marches on despite the electorate's wishes.
As HuffPost previously reported, 79 percent of campaign donations from CEOs on Fix the Debt's leadership council went to
Another Fix The Debt coalition partner, the Comeback America Initiative, is the primary vehicle through which Peterson ally
SIMPSON AMENDMENT NO. 3672 (1) social security is supported by taxes deducted from workers' earnings and matching deductions
Although the election is behind us, the Republicans and Corporate America have rolled out a front group that's promoting the proposals of failed GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney as a way to resolve the fiscal showdown.