Bowling Green, Kentucky

The retired doctor has maintained that the fight was about yard waste, not politics.
Today, your truth depends more on your political affiliation than your commitment to objective reality.
The shop trolled Kellyanne Conway hard and people are loving it.
But the Donald Trump aide who also cited "alternative facts" is still getting TV news show bookings.
Dear Mr. President: I write to you today from the small picturesque American town of Bowling Green, Kentucky, which I was
If politics and governance worked like basketball, at this point Ms. Conway would have been fouled out of the game.
It was kinda like the "Bowling Green massacre," except the "masterminds" were white and they wanted to kill Muslims.
I've spent nearly 30 years around the financial business. I've known a lot of "paper gurus" who can talk a decent game but really don't practice what they preach.