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Critics and MCU fans all have something to say about the movie, and it’s a symptom of a larger issue.
The superhero movie may have encountered a new villain at the box office: genre fatigue.
Joe Russo, who co-directed the two highest-grossing "Avengers" films, took to Instagram to trounce Scorsese over his past comments about Marvel.
The documentary might have also snatched biggest October opening from 2019's "Joker," according to early box office estimates.
“Barbenheimer” didn’t just work – it spun box office gold.
The film, reportedly budgeted north of $250 million, came in on the lower end of projections.
The movie had the biggest box office opening of 2023, and some conservatives think they know why.
Its global total makes it the biggest opening of 2023 and the second biggest three-day domestic animated opening.
The sequel to the highest-grossing movie of all time still reportedly earned $550 million from global ticket sales.
The film raked in an estimated $67 million in its opening weekend.