The 2nd and 3rd CMC are not mobile, a deformity in this area is usually is not acceptable. Compensatory movement takes place
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The former boxer remembers another black athlete activist who history remembers as a hero: Muhammad Ali.
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Alf Herigstad is one good man! For that reason, he started a podcast and blog... Being A Better Man; to help others to be better, too! Alf owes the man he is to his father, who he says is the 'best example of manhood.'
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He was The Greatest. And he never let anyone forget it. Muhammad Ali died a champion. Not just a sports champ, but a people's champ. He overcame diversity, racial segregation, and courageously stood up for what he believed in on countless occasions.
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Long live "The People's Champion."
Black Voices
The hero's body will be returned to his hometown.
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"I wasn't sure what to expect from this poor boy and was preparing myself for a very lethargic and slow moving pup. Well, to my utter surprise, in walks Adalard, nub wagging, bounce in his step, and ready to receive and give love."
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Singer/songwriters always have something to say, even when they are not performing. Something is always on their mind and generally their stories are some of the most fascinating. One singer/songwriter in particular is South Carolina native KaiL Baxley.
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A fire broke out in the basement of the home where she lived with her owner, Ben Ledford, in Ohio. Firefighters found Carmen laying on over her owners face, trying to shield him from the smoke and flames.
When did climate change become a women's issue? When women made it clear they care deeply about it. Women in battleground states understand (by a margin of 72 percent to 19 percent) that we have a moral obligation to future generations to make the air safer to breathe and the climate more stable.
And third, I remember holding his giant, fuzzy head in my lap as he peacefully made his journey to doggy heaven. Thirty years
Two of God's greatest gifts to man are dogs and the snooze button. Put 'em together, and you get the perfect morning for
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Spoiler alert: Watch until the end to see the boxer finally make nice with the toy dog. Unfortunately, for this boxer, that