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"I truly envied him as a performer," ex-bandmate Jesse McCartney wrote.
The TNT Boys received the surprise of their lives on "The Late Late Show."
There's nothing like a user review from a tween who has like, literally been to heaven, returned, and compares that smell to a One Direction perfume. That kid has a mighty celestial olfactory system. Can you imagine what is going to happen to that girl when she finally smells Chanel?
What are the boys planning now that they're pretty much done?
Boyz II Men joins HuffPost Live to discuss their estranged fourth member Mike.
Then there was a lot of screaming, because it's HARRY FREAKING STYLES. Check out the YouTube video above to watch it go down
They took the stage at SOB's confident and smooth as though they never parted ways. The crowd of fans, mostly women screaming for them was some indication to me that the group has been missed and people are ready to see and hear more from them.
Call them bubblegum. Call them a boy band. Call them, well seeing as how they're much older than any Jonas, Backstreet Men. It doesn't matter to Carter.