Boy Bands

The show’s writers recall getting “thousands and thousands” of emails about Fresh Step, a band they created for the show as a prank.
"I don’t think we necessarily call us ourselves a boy band. We prefer ‘man band.’"
The "Boy Band" star almost became a Mouseketeer.
At what age did you pick up your first musical instrument? We're one of 25 finalists that were picked for the iHeart Radio
Throughout history musical brothers have dominated the charts. The Everly Brothers, Bee Gees and Hanson all found an audience
The pop star says he was touched "inappropriately" by a "pedophile" as a teen.
Some people are so sad and angry over it that they're actually trying to buy the band. There are currently two GoFundMe campaigns
4. The Postal Service 12. Empire of the Sun Other honorable mentions not listed (because they are, ahem, not available on
The prank may not have been successful with middle-aged men, but it definitely won us over. Throughout the video, watch as
If you haven't yet heard of the Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer, it may be time to start paying closer attention.
Ah, the good old days. The song's music video is even more '90s and hilarious than the adorable snapshot, in case you really
Before we needed a name for the band, we needed the band and before that we needed songs to play. Let's start there.
To celebrate the premiere of One Direction's documentary This Is Us, let's take a journey through boy band history and pick the 10 best groups in the genre. Who will come out on top? Backstreet Boys? 'N Sync? New Kids on the Block? The Velvet Underground?