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The “Boy Meets World” star shared an emotional update about the “nightmare” she’s experienced since giving birth a week ago.
John Mayer was a groomsman and performed a song for the couple's first dance.
The 91-year-old, who portrayed the beloved Mr. Feeny, scared off the would-be thief at his Los Angeles area house.
Danielle Fishel, who played Topanga on the show, posted the image on Instagram with the caption: "We hate each other.”
School’s almost out for the year, but let’s take a moment to recognize some A+ on-screen mentors.
Family Matters doesn't get enough credit for how groundbreaking it was in subject matter. The Cosby's and The Bank's were
I fell in love with the glamour of two individuals from completely different walks of life blending together on ABC during the 1990s. I related to Angela's shortcomings, her ethnicity and the fact that, like her, I too was often the signature black girl in the room.
I remember as a child pressing my thumb to the soft-rubber up-or-down channel buttons on the remote and watching the screen jump to Cosmo Kramer bursting through Jerry's door, or Eric Matthews dancing, calling out his principle and neighbor, "Feeney! Fee-hee-hee-heenay!"
Why bring back all these old shows? There's a reason you loved certain shows as a kid. And it's not because they were good
Feeny! Fe-he-he-heeny! You might want to see this! For many, "Boy Meets World" was their whole '90s childhood, and now you
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We first heard back in December that Will Friedle would reprise his role as Eric Matthews on the Disney Channel spin-off
Don't unplug your cable if you aren't ready to deal with the repercussions. I am talking about being able to blame your embarrassing television choices on reruns and lost remotes.