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If the much-hyped system is a success, the tricky question is how to deal with all the plastic waste it will bring back.
A young inventor has a cleanup plan -- but he has to understand the enormity first.
Boyan Slat and The Ocean Cleanup have already deployed their first working prototype in the North Sea and plan to deploy the main device by 2020.
21-Year-Old Boyan Slat and The Ocean Cleanup have deployed their first working prototype in the North Sea. The main device is scheduled to be deployed by 2020 and could clean up the Pacific Garbage Patch in 20 years.
"I used to lament the end of programs like NASA, where a government took charge of a problem, or things like Bell Labs, where
It could eventually remove more than 150 million pounds of trash from the Pacific Ocean.
21-Year Old Boyan Slat Found a Way to Actually Cleanup Our Planet's Oceans
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Have we already heard enough about plastic pollution? No, on the contrary I believe we have become inured to the problem. Stop. Think. Do I need this straw, this bag, this little red stir stick, this little plastic green grass with my sushi, or that bottle of water?
It's not too late to make our oceans bluer. One organization has an ambitious plan to make that happen.
With millions of tons of plastic making its way into the oceans, the environmental activist devised a feasible and efficient