Kate Parker, author of "Strong Is the New Pretty," has a new book all about modern boyhood.
Boys are more likely to be sexually assaulted than they are to be falsely accused of assault.
Parents can stop the perpetuation of a culture that protects predators and silences survivors.
I'm telling my story for boys everywhere, because anorexia is more common than society likes to admit.
“He went in, but obviously he couldn't come back out the same way,” said one firefighter.
Widespread preference for sons drives families to keep having babies until a male child is born.
When a child is transgender, people seem to lose any sort of rational perspective.
Strong women shouldn’t be just for girls.
Gender-segregated education is making a comeback. Single-sex classrooms, long discouraged under Title IX, the federal law that prohibits gender discrimination in education, have been gaining prominence in recent years, especially in urban charter schools.
Mindfulness practices--such as paying attention in a nonjudgmental way to one's breath or other sensations--has been shown
Now more than ever, in a world that teaches boys that girls matter less, it's on you to make sure your precious little boy knows better.
It’s time to amplify the conversation about social norms, when it comes to masculinity.
Something is disappearing in our world today, and I believe it is the disconnecting from our feminine heart. I believe the
I’ve had to tell him, specifically, what to do and say when he sees or hears a woman being victimized, threatened or mocked.