boys don’t cry

‘A Fantastic Woman’ is the first Oscar-winning film to star a transgender actor in a leading role. Daniela Vega’s performance helped the Chilean drama win best foreign language film at the Academy Awards.
Is Boys Don't Cry actually coming out this Friday? Don't toy with me Frank. Just don't. I am a man. I might cry.
As a writer, I am interested in the complexities of gender identity that this "coming out" exemplifies. I wonder, when writing about people, whether in fiction, creative nonfiction or memoirs, how the shifting notion of gender can inform our decisions.
Watch Swank's interview above. "I think we've taken strides since that movie," she said Thursday on "The Meredith Vieira
Liev Schreiber plays a gun-toting transvestite in 'Taking Woodstock,' Ang Lee's latest film, but he's hardly the first actor
Stonewall was an expression of power and identity in the face of forced anonymity and oppression. The raid at Fort Worth is a different story altogether.