Boys & Girls Clubs of America

The right to demolish the former Trump Plaza casino is being auctioned to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City.
The grant from Disney will give kids the chance to learn advanced technologies.
Think of Daymaker as a GoFundMe geared toward kids.
For the BGCA, the partnership couldn't have come at a better time. "I am an alumni of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America in
The unemployment rate for dropouts is 9.1%, for those with high school diplomas it's 5.8% and with college degrees, 3.3%. The
Garçon's hope for fans, friends and supporters alike, is to demonstrate by example that it is always a good time lend a helping hand.
Now it's going to be a Boys & Girls Club. The Boys & Girls Club provides young people in need "A safe place to learn and
For Part 1 of this series, which examines Texas Gov. Rick Perry's charitable giving, click here. Over the years, he has given
Ne-Yo, the talented entertainer who records and writes Grammy award-winning music, knows first-hand the importance of strong role models and safe havens like the Boys & Girls Club.
I'm not saying we ditch the corporate altogether. But companies must adopt small, meaningful, real-time social media practices, too. Transparency and accountability are the watchwords right now.