bp lawsuit

BP executives claim that Evans, who worked at BP for nearly 10 years, was dismissed because she "did not get along well with
BP, the oil giant whose exploding well dumped more than 200 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, has sued the Environmental Protection Agency, challenging the government's temporary ban on BP obtaining new U.S. leases or government contracts.
BP's history of accidents includes the Texas City Refinery explosion in March 2005, which killed 15 employees and injured
Of an estimated 40,000 Vietnamese living in these three Gulf states -- including 30,000 in Louisiana -- one in three works in the seafood industry. Why didn't BP want to hire Asian Americans?
Mix "worked on internal BP efforts to estimate the amount of oil leaking from the well and was involved in various efforts
But many victims did not want just a quick payout. They wanted their day in court and chose to join a massive lawsuit against
In a federal regulatory filing in July, Halliburton noted that the Department of Justice's criminal and civil investigation
The FERC's enforcing body is now mulling whether to pursue charges against BP, which was prosecuted on propane market manipulation
In the latest salvo of BP's War On Everything, the company is deploying its deep pockets in an attempt to buy up every single
"You have an individual like Lindsay Lohan, who violates their probation and their probation gets revoked and they go to
Watchdog group Food & Water Watch formally gave notice Thursday of its intent to sue BP along with the federal government
ANIMAL welfare groups are suing BP for burning endangered sea turtles and are asking a US court to stop the oil giant's "controlled
"So far, we have seen no evidence that MMS is modifying its approach in this whatsoever," said Fried. But Kate Fried, spokesperson
Six of 12 active judges in the federal judicial district based in New Orleans have removed themselves from spill-damage cases
Facing billions of dollars in potential compensation to victims, BP PLC, owner of the ruptured well spewing oil in the Gulf
As news continues to develop regarding BP's considerable safety violations and both BP and Transocean's attempt to limit